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Get all the benefits and functionalities of the Connected Plan. Improve performance together with your suppliers and manage all information in one location in your own Supplier Portal.

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€ 1,250.00 per month

  • Supplier Portal
  • Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Upgrade with Enterprise options

Supplier Portal

With the Supplier Portal you work directly with your suppliers using the same system. In this secure environment you can allow suppliers to independently deliver their documents and data, such as certificates, price lists and holding declarations. You can also organise your workflows here to retrieve, update and approve suppliers’ data.


In our Linked Plan we offer a combination of functionalities to retrieve quotations from various suppliers, compare them, make choices, and convert the information into a contract.

Supply Chain Optimisation

The integrated complaints module gives you a versatile facility for dealing with complaints in collaboration with your supplier. In addition, we facilitate the pre-qualification process via a variety of functionalities. You can use this to set out the necessary actions such as uploading ISO certificates and/or having questionnaires completed before you contract a supplier.

Upgrade with Enterprise Options

We offer our Linked customers a number of specific Enterprise options, including a personalised SLA, Global Hosting Selection service, Private Cloud, and a Sandbox solution. Contactus to learn more.

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