Sign contracts quickly and easily with VendorLink E-Signing

Signing contracts on paper is often a complex administrative process involving many actions such as printing, signing, sending by post, scanning and archiving. This process can take a long time. Moreover, the work has frequently already started some time ago ‘in the spirit of the contract’. With VendorLink E-Signing, this process is intelligently automated. With digital signing in VendorLink, the duration of the procedure is minimised, you have continuous monitoring of progress, and the signed contract documents are archived directly with the contract and supplier.

Start up the VendorLink E-Signing process and select the authorised signatories

Once the contract has passed through the internal workflow in VendorLink, the E-Signing process begins. You select the authorised signatory/signatories of the internal organisation and of your supplier. You then select the documents to be signed and add these to the VendorLink ‘file locker’, so that they can no longer be changed.

Send the E-Signing request with smart email notifications

When the E-Signing request is sent, the authorised signatories receive an email notification asking them to sign the contracts in VendorLink. The authorised signatory from the internal organisation is asked to sign the contract documents held in the file locker directly in VendorLink. The supplier’s authorised signatory is requested to sign the contract documents in the Supplier Portal.  

Secure signing through the use of a user name, password, digital signature and pass code

The authorised signatory logs into VendorLink or the Supplier Portal using a user name and password. One can view the documents that are due for signing and, if agreed, sign them. Signing can be done by uploading a digital signature or by signing with the mouse. A pass code is then sent to the user’s email address. Once the pass code is entered, the documents are securely and digitally signed. The digital signature, name, time and date are appended to the contract documents as an extra page.

Complete insight into the signing process with VendorLink E-Signing certificate

After the E-Signing has been fully completed, the documents in the file locker are furnished with a VendorLink E-Signing certificate. This E-Signing certificate shows a log of all the actions executed by the signatories, including the date and time. In this way, the entire signing process is logged for any future audits. 

Make use of other E-Signing software, such as DocuSign, via smart VendorLink API

If you are already using an E-Signing solution, we have smart API interfaces in VendorLink which can connect to this. In that case, the relevant E-Signing application is opened at the start of the VendorLink E-Signing process, and the contract documents for signing are uploaded. After signing, the signed contract documents are added to the VendorLink contract. 

Speed up your signing process and focus on contract implementation

     Digitally sign contract documents quickly and easily

     Minimise time taken to sign contracts

     Digitally signed contracts directly archived with contract and supplier

     Up-to-date insight into progress of signing process

     Secure signing through use of multi-factor authentication

     Linkage with other E-Signing software possible, such as DocuSign