Measure your suppliers’ performance and exchange documents with Vendor Rating

Evaluating suppliers is often a time-consuming job, whereby a variety of Excel sheets are used and mailed to numerous respondents. With VendorLink Vendor Rating, you avoid this workload and the supplier evaluation is done completely digitally, based on our best practices, including questions, sending and evaluation.

Performance improvement through collaboration with your organisation

Depending on the type of purchasing category, you may wish to give the supplier a brief evaluation or a highly detailed one. In VendorLink, you can easily create survey templates with various possibilities for answering, such as selection lists, numbers, or comment boxes. You then select the survey template relating to the supplier and the respondents to send the evaluation out in one go. You then track progress, view the results and get together with your supplier to implement purchasing improvements. 

Set your KPIs and get a clear picture of your supplier’s performance

An important part of supplier evaluation is measuring whether your supplier is performing in conformity with the SLA and contract. In VendorLink, you do this by adding KPIs and setting a norm. The progress of KPIs is displayed on clear dashboards and one can immediately see to what extent performance differs from the norm. Subsequently, share these dashboards with your colleagues to work together towards the right performance! 

Compare your supplier’s performance within the purchasing category, and determine your success strategy

In order to implement a good purchasing strategy for each purchasing category, it is essential to have an insight into the relative performance of the various suppliers in the relevant purchasing category. On completion, the supplier evaluations are displayed in a clear matrix in VendorLink, immediately showing the suppliers’ performance per quarter and per year in the colours red, orange and green. The results can also be shared with your supplier via the Supplier Portal, so that you can work together on improving the relationship and the collaboration. 

Create the link with your suppliers and conveniently exchange information and documents in the Supplier Portal

To organise the exchange of information and documents with your suppliers via one channel, VendorLink has the Supplier Portal. Your supplier can check address details and add or change contact persons with ease and at no cost in the Supplier Portal. Agreed documents for certification purposes and contractual agreements are easily retrieved via the VendorLink Audit functionality. Your supplier immediately sees your request in the Supplier Portal and can upload documents. These are then internally audited and, after auditing, linked to the contract or supplier. In this way, you avoid exchanging a lot of emails and saving various documents and versions multiple times and in different places.

Check the delivered documents via smart internal workflows

After the supplier has uploaded the documents in the Supplier Portal, the contract manager receives a notification with a request to check the document. Via a smart internal workflow in VendorLink, all documents are checked by the right official before being added to your contract or supplier. Future requests for documents are planned in within VendorLink, and handy notifications tell you when documents are about to expire. In this way, your suppliers’ documents are always up to date and available in one place.

Evaluate and check your new suppliers via pre-qualification

In certain cases, you may want your new supplier to conform to certain requirements and certifications before you enter into a contract with them. Via the VendorLink pre-qualification process, new suppliers are asked to answer questions and to supply documentary proof. After checking and approving these, the supplier can be created in your system. In that way, you ensure that your suppliers comply with set requirements before they are contracted.

Performance improvement through collaboration with your organization

     Measure supplier performance quickly and easily

     Meet compliance requirements (e.g. ISO)

     Avoid administrative overload in Excel and emails

     Simple (pre-)qualification of suppliers

     Ensures up-to-date supplier information

     Timely notification when important documentation and certificates are due to expire