Control your contract process with VendorLink Contract Lifecycle Management

When entering into new purchasing contracts, it is important that the right contract conditions and documents are agreed in advance with the supplier. With VendorLink Contract Lifecycle Management, you follow the desired contract process, including authorisation and E-Signing, with your supplier. 

Create your own contract templates by type of purchasing category and/or risk profile

Depending on the type of purchasing category or risk profile, certain contract conditions are applicable. In VendorLink, you select the contract templates that your organisation needs, including conditions, mandatory fields, tasks to perform, and authorisation route. 

Make contract templates available on a decentralised basis, and allow your colleagues to initiate the contract process themselves

In VendorLink, internal principals can independently initiate a contract creation process. By selecting the correct contract template, the required fields are completed and the contract follows the desired authorisation route before being presented to the supplier. In this way, the contract process is followed efficiently and quality is maintained.

Eliminate physical printing and signing of contracts with VendorLink E-Signing in the Supplier Portal

After the contract has been internally approved, the contract proposal is presented to the supplier in the Supplier Portal. To do this, you can use the handy VendorLink E-Signing functionality, with which both the internal principal and the supplier can digitally sign in the VendorLink Supplier Portal.

Organise your contract communication with those directly involved in one place with VendorLink TEAM

To ensure that all communication regarding a contract is open to inspection in one place, you simply create a TEAM and add members to it. The members of the TEAM can quickly respond to questions in VendorLink in person or via email, and appendices can also be added.

Monitor the contract’s progress by setting contract arrangements and KPIs

To track the results and progress of the agreed contract arrangements, you set contract arrangements and KPIs. These show whether the supplier is complying with the agreed contract arrangements, and whether measures need to be taken to improve this.

No undesired renewals, thanks to smart notification at end of contract

For each contract, notifications are automatically configured well before the contract expires. You can then choose whether to internally evaluate the contract, and then terminate it or renew it. You can then have VendorLink automatically send the termination or renewal to the supplier and make it available in the Supplier Portal.

Distribute your purchasing tasks and work together intelligently with VendorLink Planboard

Collaboration on contracts and agreements with suppliers calls for coordination: who is responsible for which tasks, and when do these have to be completed? With VendorLink PLANBOARD, you can place your task lists on a plan board in an orderly fashion. Assemble your TEAM, divide the tasks, and follow progress on the Planboard. That’s how you achieve the desired result together.

The easiest way to start and manage your contract lifecycle

     Increase your contract compliance and reduce risks

     Supports each contract phase

     Saves time through E-Signing

     Uses workflows for circulating contracts