Vendorlink and Graydon

Control the risks of your suppliers with Graydon company information

Business information specialist Graydon and VendorLink started a partnership. This partnership enables VendorLink to incorporate Graydon company and credit information into the existing supplier information. Our mutual clients will acquire extra information about their suppliers and this allows them to have a better insight into the financial health of their suppliers and the possible associated risks.

Gain more insights in the risk profile of your suppliers

Graydon allows you to have a complete insight into the risk profile of your suppliers. Normally your supplier data is initially based on in-house information and experiences but now objective 3rd party supplier information is added. This gives you the opportunity to manage your supplier portfolio within VendorLink with more depth. VendorLink gives you access to the main Graydon credit-, UBO and compliance information of your supplier. Whenever an important change takes place, or scores fall below standard, you will receive a notification. When the information is received immediate actions can be taken to manage the risks. You can do this by making VendorLink tasks and managing them from your PLANBOARD

About Graydon

Graydon has been helping companies for over 130 years by delivering valuable business information to make well informed financial and commercial decisions. By collecting, analysing and interpreting large amounts of data from various sources, they provide customers with insights in the field of credit information, risk and market information. For this they use over 130 international databases and the data of more than 90 million companies. Graydon has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, London and Cardiff. Since 2016 Graydon has been part of Atradius, one of the largest credit insurers in the world.