Use VendorLink mailing campaign to communicate efficiently with your suppliers

Inform your suppliers about issues that your organisation is dealing with. For example, a procedural change, which can be a time-consuming business. Especially when you want to include data about the relevant supplier in the text of an email or attached documents: for example, the company name, name of contact person etc. After all, who can remember how to execute a ‘mail merge’ in Word?

Start a mailing campaign to inform your suppliers

To communicate procedural changes in your organisation, for example, to your suppliers, you start a mailing campaign in VendorLink. In VendorLink, each mailing campaign is given an individual name. You then link the desired suppliers and any associated contracts and contact persons. These can easily be selected by type of contact person. In that way you can match your communication message directly with your supplier’s contact person.

Ask for a ‘read’ receipt to track progress

To ensure that the mailing campaign is successful and that the content has been correctly received, you can ask for a ‘read’ receipt. In the email, your contact person with the supplier receives a request to indicate that the email has been read. For each email sent, VendorLink records when it was sent and who has confirmed the email, and when, and who has not yet done so.

Compose your email and make use of ready-made email templates and tokens, such as name of contact person and supplier

When the correct target group of suppliers, contracts and contact persons has been selected, the email is composed. In addition to an email subject, you can compose the email text using ready-made email templates and VendorLink tokens, such as name of contact person and name of supplier and/or contract. By using the tokens in your email, this is structured automatically with the correct references. In this way, the email is personalised and made recognisable to the recipient party.

Attach an appendix and use ready-made VendorLink tokens for this, too

Appendices with further explanation of the email text can be added based on a standard VendorLink Library. Alternatively, you can upload them yourself. In these documents, too, you can make use of the ready-made VendorLink tokens. The appendices, as official documents, can then be furnished with the correct nomenclature, address details and references to contract names and contact persons.

Perform a mailing campaign test first to make sure you have the right email texts and appendices

Before all the emails are sent to your suppliers, you first perform a test by sending to your own email address. In that way, you guarantee that the mailing and its appendices are sent with the correct text and without spelling errors or incorrect use of VendorLink tokens. This test also gives you the opportunity to present the result to your colleagues. It is all done to accomplish a successful mailing campaign.

Send your mailing campaign to your suppliers and track progress

After successfully performing a mailing campaign test, you proceed to send the actual mailing campaign to your suppliers. Once the mailing campaign has been sent, an overview of the sent emails will appear, displaying (via the ‘read’ receipts) whether the emails have been received and read or not. In this way, you can optimally track the success of your mailing campaign to your suppliers.

Communicate intelligently with your suppliers using VendorLink mailing campaign

     Easy, bulk communication with your suppliers regarding organisational changes

     Easy selection of target group, by supplier, contract and contract type

     Avoid tedious ‘mail merge’ in Word

     Make use of smart tokens to make email personal and recognisable

     Use ‘read receipt’ to immediately see who has read your email and who has not