Distribute your purchasing tasks and work together intelligently with VendorLink Planboard

Collaboration on contracts and agreements with suppliers calls for coordination: who is responsible for which tasks, and when do these have to be completed? With VendorLink PLANBOARD, you can place your task lists on a plan board in an orderly fashion. Assemble your TEAM, divide the tasks, and follow progress on the Planboard. That’s how you achieve the desired result together.

Make your own Planboard and assemble your TEAM

Create your own Planboard for a contract, a supplier, or for general purposes. For each board, you assemble your VendorLink TEAM so that you can coordinate quickly with your colleagues in real time.

Customised or ready-made task lists for your TEAM

You can create your own task list or use predefined tasks and procedures based on your own purchasing policy. In that way, you ensure that processes are always executed in the same way. Assign the tasks to your team members, and set a desired end date for each task. 

Determine the phase planning in Tracks

For each Planboard, you determine the phases of your tasks in Tracks. As standard, we already have ‘TO DO’, ‘IN PROGRESS’, REVIEW’ and ‘DONE’ prepared for you. Of course, you can add tracks to these or compose your own. 

Work through the task list together

Each team member has access to the Planboard and its tasks, and can assign the task to the correct TRACK. The progress of the tasks is clearly shown per TRACK, and can hence be followed by everyone. 

Work together on purchasing tasks in your Planboard

     Create your own Planboard and use task lists  

     Work on purchasing tasks together online 

     Use predefined task list to follow internal procedures

     Assign tasks to your TEAM members and follow progress