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All essential Spend Management, Contract Management and Vendor Management functionalities.
An advanced workflow solution for uploading data automatically, sharing reports and activating colleagues.
A fully integrated solution for improving supplier performance and managing information in your own Supplier Portal.
A personalised Vendor Management platform for big organisations.

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Spend Management Essential

iFull Spend Analysis

A very detailed overview of reports and summaries based on your own spend data. Among other thins, this gives you insight into the costs per supplier, purchase category, nominal ledger account, cost type, cost centre, etc.

iExcel Reporting and Dashboards

Configure your own dashboards for instant insight into your spend information. Export your spend information to Excel with ease.

iManual Spend Uploads

To make immediate use of all spend management functionalities, simply upload your spend data manually.


Using this functionality, define all your own relevant objectives: contract compliance, legality, number of new suppliers, order percentage, etc.

Contract Management Essential

iContract Lifecycle Management

A total solution with all the essential contact management functionalities. Registering, archiving and exporting contracts, for example, but also receiving a clear overview of your contracts that are close to expiring.

iLegal Compliance Monitoring

Powerful analysis function enabling you to maintain a constant insight into your legality, tendering obligations and contract compliance.

iContract Reminders and Triggers

Set one-off or recurring reminders to ensure that actions are taken promptly for all your contracts.

iContract Creation

An automated solution for creating legal documents with the aid of various templates and text blocks within VendorLink.

Vendor Management Essential

iVendor Relationship Management

A combination of functionalities for storing, exporting and archiving supplier information. It also offers the possibility to add notifications and receive suppliers’ reports by email.

iVendor Performance Tracking

This functionality displays the results concerning (among other things) delivery time, price, quality, contractual agreements and response time for each supplier in a certain period.

iVendor Risk Analysis

Our risk analysis gives a complete insight into every aspect of your risk management process. For each purchasing package, the purchase risk is indicated on a scale of zero to ten using the Kraljic Matrix.

iVendor Document Management

This functionality offers the facility to store documents, together with expiry dates, and link them to the right supplier.

iSelf Surveys

Via our Self Survey functionality you can receive questionnaires, enabling you to make your own evaluation of your main suppliers. The results are then recorded in a central location.

Spend Management Connected

(For Essential customers this feature set is available as an add-on)

iAPI Upload Data

This functionality offers you the facility to upload all your spend information automatically (daily) via an API and from your ERP system.

iShare Spend Reports

To increase transparency and involvement within your organisation you can share dashboards and send spend reports by email.

iAdvanced Financial Data

For larger organisations, we have developed a variety of functionalities to make the costs per internal company and internal administration open to inspection.

iSpend Community

A collaboration system for buyers and budget holders for the joint attainment of purchasing objectives. Reports, automatic notifications and messages in a personalised real-time spend environment for each budget holder.

Contract Management Connected

(For Essential customers this feature set is available as an add-on)

iTeam Communication

Team Communication helps you to channel all communication via a central location. This enables the acquisition of information for contract renewals and suppliers to be centrally directed and recorded.

iContract Workflow

Define all workflows for optimal management of your contracts. Define which renewal procedure is to be used for which contract, and determine how the contract approval is to be done.

iAdvanced Contract Tools

A combination of features to personalise your contract management solution by adapting fields, viewing contact history, and integrating with a document management system.

iContract Managers

With the same functionality you can set all the necessary notifications and alerts to involve your colleagues in the contract lifecycle management process.

iContract Agreements

Using this functionality you can define the main criteria for measuring how well your suppliers are performing, such as delivery time, response time, price and quality.

Vendor Management Connected

(For Essential customers this feature set is available as an add-on)

iVendor creation workflow

Combination of specific tools for managing supplier information in your organisation. Appoint supplier controllers, check the history of your suppliers, and use application forms for new supplier requests.

iVendor Rating Surveys

All the tools you need to effectively carry out the entire process of supplier evaluation. Within this functionality, choose from several survey templates to draw up your own survey. Deploy this within your organisation to collect employees’ experiences with suppliers quickly and easily.

iComplaint Management

Using this functionality, complaints about suppliers are recorded and also dealt with.

iAudit Document Workflow - Vendor Qualification Process

Optimising your vendor qualification process using approval workflows and notifications that you can configure yourself, thereby keeping informed when applications at supplier level expire.

iVendor Risk Assesment - Qualification Process

Optimising your vendor risk qualification process using questionaires to determine and identifty vendor dependencies in order to select to correct Risk Assessment.

Contract Management Linked

(For Connected customers this feature set is available as an add-on)


A combination of functionalities to retrieve quotations from various suppliers, compare them, make choices, and convert the information into a contract.

iJoint Contract Management

With this functionality you give suppliers access to their own contract in VendorLink. Enable suppliers to manage external price agreements and add KPIs.

iContract E-Signing

Get your contracts signed fast, efficient and paperless.

Vendor Management Linked

(For Connected customers this feature set is available as an add-on)

iSupplier Portal

The Supplier Portal ensures that you and your supplier work in the same system to improve the overall supply chain performance.

iVendor (Pre)qualification

This functionality handles the sending of invitations to suppliers so that you can receive information via the Supplier Portal and subsequently follow the approval procedure and archive the information.

i360Deg Vendor Rating

Let suppliers assess you so that you can improve your processes still further.

i8D Complaint Management

A versatile facility for dealing with complaints in collaboration with your supplier. Using an integrated, 8D method, you acquire the facility to locate and resolve a problem in a structured way.

iVendor Risk Assessment Process

Send Risk Assessment forms to you vendors, send them through a workflow for review and qualify your vendors

iVendor Documents E-Signing

Get you vendor related documents like N.D.A's signed with E-Signing