Manage all your requests for quotations and information using Sourcing / RFQ

When composing requests, whether simple or extensive, for information or quotations, multiple Word documents and Excel spreadsheets are often required. Dealing with these documents via email and arriving at the right choice frequently costs a lot of time. With VendorLink Sourcing, you automate the entire quotation request process. Draw up your quotation request with ease, make use of a questionnaire, and add your products. Select your supplier and invite it to respond to the quotation request via the Supplier Portal. After receiving all the tenders, you can make a good comparison, which enables you to select the best offer and proceed to make a contract.

Start your RFQ process by drawing up specifications, products, questions and supplementary documents

In VendorLink Sourcing, your quotation or information requests start with allocating a unique name. You then draw up the specifications of your RFQ. This states the products and services for which you want to receive a quotation, plus any obligatory accompanying documentation you may require. Finally, via the VendorLink survey library, you can add questionnaires     

Draw up your RFQ planning schedule and send the invitation to your suppliers.

Before the invitations are sent to the selected suppliers, you first draw up a planning schedule. In this schedule, you determine when the invitation is to be sent. Set the deadline for the suppliers to answer the questions in the RFQ. The next milepost is the final date for the submission of quotations by the suppliers. Finally, you set the date by which the award must finally be made. This planning schedule is also visible to the suppliers in the Supplier Portal, so that the entire procedure is clear to everyone. 

Sending the RFQ and answering questions from suppliers

On the set date, the RFQ is sent to the selected suppliers. The suppliers receive an email notification, requesting their participation in the RFQ. After logging into the Supplier Portal, the suppliers see the RFQ, including the specifications, and have the opportunity to ask questions. These questions from suppliers can be answered either privately or publicly. In addition, you have the possibility as the purchaser to publish the answers all at once at a set time. 

Closing off the RFQ, comparing offers, and making the best choice

After the closing date has passed and all the quotations have been received, the RFQ is closed. In VendorLink Sourcing, all the offers are displayed side by side to enable a good comparison to be made. The responses are evaluated, the prices are compared, and the best offer is selected to give a final award. After the award is made, the selected quotation is converted into a contract. 

Maintain a tight hold on the RFQ process with smart comparisons to arrive at the best offer

     Draw up and send RFQs quickly and easily

     Make use of ready-made questionnaires

     Avoid tedious comparisons in Excel and Word

     Rapid responses to questions from suppliers

     Easy for your suppliers to respond to 

     Easy comparison of quotations from different suppliers

     After the award has been made, the draft contract is drawn up for signing

     The quotation process is fully transparent for all involved