Manage all your healthcare contracts and products in 1 environment

Since the decentralisation of the Social Domain from the Government to the local authorities, there is a need to keep a clear view of the contractual agreements with healthcare providers. This is to prevent risks relating to fraud, bankruptcy or mismanagement. VendorLink offers 1 place to manage all your agreements with healthcare providers, and thus achieve the best performance. 

All your healthcare providers in 1 system

Most information on healthcare providers is frequently managed in an Excel spreadsheet or email box. The information is often incomplete or not easily accessible for your colleagues. With VendorLink Vendor Management, you can quickly inspect all your information about your healthcare providers. In this way, for example, you can quickly look up AGB codes, name and address details, locations, and your various contact persons such as the workgroup or Back Office. 

Keep a grip on your healthcare providers’ contracts

If no contract management system is in place yet, it is often difficult to get a picture of the contractual agreements with your healthcare provider and maintain it. Information is frequently incomplete and stored in different ways (network disks, email boxes and archive folders). This makes it difficult to exchange contract information such as the termination dates or cancellation notice period, with all the associated risks. In VendorLink Contract Management, you manage all (healthcare) contracts in one place, and easily distinguish between WMO contracts and Youth contracts. In VendorLink, the authorised users have access to the contracts, or only a part that they are authorised to see, at any time or place. All this makes for a drastic reduction in the administrative burden for the relevant purchasers, contract managers and assistants. 

Communicate your healthcare products internally and via your own website

In VendorLink, you can easily register your healthcare products with the contract, and change them when necessary. It allows room for bespoke work when something unusual has to be registered. With the VendorLink Product Guide, Access Workers, Local Authority staff and even neighbourhood teams can see for themselves which healthcare products can be supplied, and by which provider. In addition, there is the possibility to publicize the products on your own website by means of an API. 

Retrieve information with the Supplier Portal

Retrieving information from your healthcare provider is often done by email; each time, it takes a lot of time and progress is difficult to monitor. Retrieving information and documents, such as BIG, SKJ or HKZ registration, is an easy matter via the VendorLink Supplier Portal. Your healthcare provider immediately see your request in the Supplier Portal, and can easily enter and upload the requested information. By setting strict standards for quality and integrity at the start of the process via the Supplier Portal, the rest of the process is made very convenient. Stricter quality standards make it possible to prevent healthcare fraud, and to retrieve the right documents from all parties simultaneously.

Displaying information from credit assessors

VendorLink offers the possibility to display information from parties, such as Company Info and Annual Insight, in the VendorLink environment. The advantage of this is that the total overview of the healthcare provider is extended with additional (financial) information. This means you are aware, at any time or place, of the latest developments affecting your healthcare provider, and you are better able to identify and ameliorate the risks associated with healthcare providers without delay. With these up-to-date insights, you can actively focus on improvement plans in your discussions of vendor or contract management.  

Full control over your care contracts including products and transparent cooperation with the care providers

     More than 10 Social Domain organizations already use VendorLink

     Link with Annual Insight for Risk and or credit assessment

     Never miss important data again; to set up reports and alerts yourself

     An overview of healthcare providers, contracts and products, always and everywhere, from a single overview

     Collaborate anytime, anywhere; information is centrally stored in the cloud

     Optimization of healthcare procurement processes, by working smarter and more uniformly

     Organize all your healthcare providers and thus make risks manageable