Manage all your vendor information in one place

Connect the facts, engage your organisation and connect your suppliers. Never miss a contract renewal, visualise and analyse your spend and measure the performance of your suppliers.

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All supplier information in one place


VendorLink's mission is to manage your supplier relationships from one place and to work directly with your supplier in a safe environment. This with the aim of improving relationships and performance. VendorLink offers smart solutions for:

  • Contract Management
  • Spend Management
  • Supplier dossiers
  • Vendor Rating
  • Supplier Portal

These are our plans


VendorLink has several plans available for you to start quickly.

VendorLink Essential Plan

Organize your purchasing contracts and supplier base yourself

With the VendorLink Essential Plan you have access to the essential functionalities of VendorLink. This gives you insight into your purchasing expenditure, supplier base and purchasing contracts. Arrange suppliers according to ABC analysis and add your purchase contracts. Add notes and email notifications and don't miss an contract renewal. With VendorLink Essential you are in control.

VendorLink Connected Plan

Involve colleagues in your purchasing improvement plans, automate your spend import and workflows

The purpose of the VendorLink Connected Plan is to involve your colleagues in the implementation of your purchasing improvement plans. Achieve this by sharing contract information. Keep stakeholders informed of progress and share purchasing dashboards. Improve the quality of contracts by having them assessed via an internal workflow. Manage the contract by assigning tasks and notes to your stakeholders. Get daily insight into your expenses and automate the import of your spend directly from your financial package or data warehouse. In short, make the connection with your colleagues and make the organization aware of your purchasing objectives.

VendorLink Linked Plan

Link with your suppliers via the Supplier Portal and start with E-Signing

With the VendorLink Linked Plan you work together with your supplier via the Supplier Portal in a safe environment. We offer convenient functionalities that make collaboration simple and clear. Your colleagues and your supplier's contacts will immediately experience the benefits. Exchanging documents, processing quotation requests efficiently and signing contracts via E-Signing are good examples of this. As a result, less time is wasted on all kinds of administrative actions. This gives more time to focus on the agreed services. View the benefits of our VendorLink Linked Plan

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Seamless integration with other systems

VendorLink has a lot of experience with connecting and integrating various systems. We integrate with all leading financial and ERP systems such as Exact, AFAS, SAP, Unit4, Oracle and Proquro, making purchasing data easily accessible. In addition, we reduce many duplicate actions and the number of errors.

We built it for you!

Our dashboards and overviews give you a clear overview. We’ve implemented the best practices of the past ten years, so you won’t have to create your own views or share your excel sheets ever again.

  • 100s of views available immediately
  • Personal dashboards
  • Suppliers, categories and financial dimensions

All functionalities that you need for your Spend Management, Contract Management and Vendor Management

Combine the facts

VendorLink collects, integrates and combines all supplier data for you. Combining information of financial systems, ERP systems and Data Warehouse Solutions with contract information and supplier ratings, allows you to get new valuable insights.

  • Categorising of suppliers
  • Contract compliance
  • Legitimacy
  • Cost savings


Automatic triggers

Streamline the processes within your organisation by setting your own personalised notifications and never miss a contract extension again. Co-workers will get a notification when new documents need to be approved.

  • Duty notifications
  • Contract notifications
  • Spend alerts
  • Notifications for validating supplier documents


Get your organisation involved

VendorLink improves transparency and involvement within organisations. Cooperating with your co-workers is easier in a secure environment where dashboards, approval of contracts and information regarding requests for contract extensions are shared.

  • VendorLink TEAM
  • Workflows
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Spend community


Read about the experiences of our customers and how they apply VendorLink in their organisation

Connect your suppliers

VendorLink offers an integrated solution so you’ll never have to request quotations via email again. It reliefs the pressure on your purchasing department as documentation like certifications, price lists and holding declarations feeds directly into a supplier portal.

  • Vendor management content
  • RFQ process
  • Audit
  • Pre Qualification


Rate your suppliers

VendorLink offers the possibility to minimise risks by rating your supplier in a fully automated fashion. Creating and sending surveys through our own Vendor Rating System is very easy and quick.

  • Supplier performance
  • Surveys
  • Delivery reliability
  • Price reliability
  • Complaints