Make the right purchasing decisions with VendorLink Spend Management

Our dashboards and overviews give you a clear picture of your expenses. We have applied our best practices of the past 10 years so that you never again have to generate your own overviews or share Excel sheets with your colleagues.

Create purchasing categories and determine your purchasing strategy

When you structure your purchasing according to purchasing categories, you obtain a clear picture of how your procurement is divided in terms of number of suppliers, invoices and relevant departments. In that way, you can immediately identify the possibilities for saving.

Get direct insight into your purchasing expenses with VendorLink overviews and charts

After processing, your purchasing data is displayed immediately in VendorLink. This gives you a 360-degree picture of your expenses from various angles, and you can immediately identify your biggest suppliers and how your purchasing is divided in terms of departments and number of invoices.

Assemble your own purchasing dashboards and share them with colleagues

Create your own dashboards with ready-made charts, KPIs and Big Numbers. Involve your colleagues in purchasing policy and share your dashboard via VendorLink or by email. In that way, your colleagues can quickly and easily inspect the progress of expenses, KPIs and contract compliance. 

Monitor the progress of purchasing policy by setting KPIs

The results and progress of the current purchasing policy are displayed by means of the set KPIs. These also show whether adequate progress is being made and whether additional measures need to be taken.

Involve your stakeholders and give them an insight into their own expenses with the VendorLink Spend Community

By giving your budget holders or category managers insight into their own expenses, you increase involvement in the implementation of your purchasing policy. Give them this insight with the VendorLink Spend Community.

Answer new purchasing questions with VendorLink Query

There will always be questions from the organisation which are not covered by an overview or chart. Use VendorLink Query to answer these questions. Create fields based on the available VendorLink database, make the combinations, and answer the question.

Analyzes, overviews and dashboards we have already built it for you

     Avoid Excel purchasing analyses with old data

     Involve your organisation by sharing dashboards

     Identify opportunities for saving

     Set KPIs and compare internal performances

     Determine your purchasing policy and planning with purchasing categories

     Identify RFQ projects