Supplier Portal

Possibilities of the Supplier Portal
 There is a lot involved in selecting suppliers, entering into contracts and then managing the contracts. ISO certificates have to be retrieved, price agreements have to be stored centrally, and assessment criteria have to be shared in order to select the right suppliers.
Only too often, this still means a lot of emailing back and forth, and data is recorded in an Excel file managed by one employee.  This has the result that documentation is spread among different computers and mailboxes, that not everyone can view the documentation, and that it is unclear when certification has to be renewed.
To facilitate oversight and create a central location for supplier documentation, VendorLink has developed the Supplier Portal.
The Supplier Portal is a central location where, among other things, supplier documents can be stored and retrieved. The system works in two directions: the principal can offer a document for signing, or the supplier can offer his own document.
In the Supplier Portal, the principal can indicate which documentation he wishes to receive from the supplier. This information varies in nature; it might be, for example, specific company information or ISO certificates.
Purposes of the Supplier Portal
The Supplier Portal is used for a variety of purposes. It could be, for example, that a document is required from a supplier, or that the supplier himself needs to check the name and address details. 
1. Retrieving supplier documentation in the Supplier Portal
At present, our customers mainly use the Supplier Portal to exchange documentation.
A good example of this is using the Supplier Portal as a resource in the pre-qualification process. For example, before contracting a supplier you might want the supplier to sign the store conditions, show the latest annual report, upload ISO certificates and complete a questionnaire about how many employees are in service, whether the company employs child labour, etc.
All this documentation can be retrieved from and uploaded to the Supplier Portal.
Sample retrieval of supplier documentation
One of our customers uses the Supplier Portal to check whether its suppliers are sound organisations. This customer’s suppliers must also be able to show that the principal accounts for no more than 20% of the supplier’s turnover. This is to avoid a supplier becoming too dependent on the principal. This information is evaluated and retrieved in advance in the Supplier Portal as part of the pre-qualification process.
 2. Dealing with complaints in the Supplier Portal
In the Supplier Portal one can also deal with the principal’s complaints against the supplier or vice versa. This mainly applies to production companies. If a number of products are delivered with damage, this complaint can be taken up in the Supplier Portal, with the question of what can be done about it.
3. Sourcing with the Supplier Portal
Finally, the Supplier Portal can be used for sourcing, which entails calling for quotations from a number of parties before eventually granting the order to one supplier.
Let’s suppose you have to order ten laptops. In the Supplier Portal, you can ask a number of suppliers to quote their best price for this order. You can also add a questionnaire to allow suppliers to provide additional information such as warranty terms.
4. Automatic updating of documentation
At the start of a contract, suppliers often have to demonstrate that they are ISO certified. This documentation is correctly uploaded, but automatically expires after two years and is then not requested anew.
When you store this documentation in the Supplier Portal, you automatically get a notification when certain certificates are about to expire. At the press of a button you can then send an automatic email to the supplier in question, asking him to update the documentation. 
It is also possible to use the Supplier Portal to send a message expressing your wishes to multiple email addresses simultaneously.

Who is the Supplier Portal designed for?
Organisations that use the Supplier Portal are often mature ones that already use contract management, spend and vendor rating software. The Supplier Portal then gives these organisations tools for structuring the retrieval of information and for improving supplier selection.

Want more information about the Supplier Portal?
The Supplier Portal is part of VendorLink. You can choose from three different plans:
Essential Plan: All essential functionalities for your own Spend Management, Contract Management and Vendor Management solution. € 350.00 per month
Connected Plan: Use the advanced Vendor Management Tools and Workflows to share reports, activate colleagues and integrate systems. € 675.00 per month
Linked Plan: Improve performance together with your suppliers. Manage all information at one location in your Supplier Portal. € 1,250.00 per month
Want to experience for yourself how our Supplier Portal software works? Interested in the benefits for your organisation? If so, register today for a free trial.

Content Pillar Page Contract Management
Would you like to have better insight into the performance of suppliers, to clarify the experiences of suppliers, and to communicate with suppliers? VendorLink’s Vendor Management Software is indispensable for procurement organisations that want better cooperation with their suppliers.
Vendor Rating & Supplier Portal
VendorLink’s Vendor Management solution consists of two elements:
1.    Vendor Rating: Compose your own vendor rating methods, create surveys and share them with the organisation to make experiences with suppliers measurable.  
2.    Supplier Portal: An online portal in which supplier documentation can be stored and retrieved. Suppliers can log in for themselves and supply the necessary documentation.
Supplier Portal: Central portal for optimal supplier management
Calling for all kinds of information from suppliers can impose a huge load on a procurement organisation. Certification has to be called for, price lists have to be up to date, and reports have to be linked to the right contract.
With VendorLink’s Supplier Portal you can have suppliers independently supply documents and information, and store these at a central location.
Invite suppliers to log into the Supplier Portal so they can deliver the requested documentation. The procurement organisation can then steer the process in the software, and accept and store the documentation. Has the validity period of the documentation expired? If so, it is easy to repeat this process.
Vendor Rating: Insight into the performance of suppliers
Who is better able to provide insight into the performance of suppliers than the employees who are actually in contact with them?
Vendor Rating offers buyers quantitative and, more importantly, qualitative insight into the performance of suppliers. Based on these insights, one can manage suppliers better and make savings; buyers can make better decisions concerning the contracting of new suppliers.
In VendorLink’s Vendor Rating software you can assess suppliers using various methods. These scores are displayed on the Vendor Rating dashboards, making it clear at a glance which suppliers are performing well and which are not.
Possibilities of Vendor Management in VendorLink
The Vendor Management solution of VendorLink has a wide range of functionalities that will interest any procurement department.
Here are a number of functionalities:
•    Set up workflows to retrieve supplier data
•    Set up workflows to automatically update supplier data
•    Handling complaints from the supplier or principal
•    Sourcing of new suppliers
•    Draw up surveys and share them with co-workers
•    Internal and external performance measurements
•    Chart results for each supplier or procurement category
VendorLink is continuously under development, so we regularly add new components and functionalities based on our (potential) customers’ wishes.

Workflows in the Supplier Portal
Whether you need ISO certification documents, extracts or price lists, the Supplier Portal automatically gives you insight into the necessary information from suppliers. You can create a workflow for a certain procurement category or group of suppliers for quick and easy retrieval of the right information and documents. These documents are then presented to the organisation’s specialists for approval. You can add a period of validity to all information and documentation. When the validity of this documentation expires, the supplier receives an automatic notification to update this information.
Vendor rating surveys
In the VendorLink software you can build your own survey templates with various sections, questions and weighting factors. Share these surveys with co-workers who work a lot together with suppliers to map out experiences.
The results of these surveys are then included as a part of vendor rating in the evaluation of the supplier. Holding regular surveys helps you to identify trends.
Of course, surveys can also be sent to suppliers to collect important information.
Unlimited number of suppliers in the Supplier Portal
As a procurement organisation you pay a fixed sum for the use of the Supplier Portal. After that, suppliers can place information in the Supplier Portal on their own initiative and entirely without charge. The Supplier Portal grows automatically with your (procurement) organisation; the number of suppliers who can use the Supplier Portal is unlimited, and will remain so.