Organise your communication and contract with VendorLink TEAM

Within organisations, communication concerning a supplier or a contract is often conducted via email, by telephone or in person. The disadvantage of using these different communication media is that information is noted in various places and is not accessible to colleagues. With VendorLink TEAM, you create a communication group with your colleagues and your supplier. You can put questions to your team members regarding a supplier or contract. All communication and documentation is filed under the contract or supplier.


Create a VendorLink TEAM and invite your stakeholders

VendorLink TEAM works like modern app groups and is easy to create for each supplier or contract. You invite your colleagues and, if desired your supplier’s contact person, to participate. It is easy to add team members later, or remove them from the VendorLink TEAM.

Start the communication and answer by email

Ask your questions within VendorLink TEAM, and the relevant members will receive an email notification. Answers can be given within VendorLink TEAM or by email. The answer, with any relevant appendices, is subsequently displayed within VendorLink TEAM.

All your communication and documentation in TEAM

The questions and answers are displayed in an orderly, chronological sequence. The linked appendices are displayed both in the message and grouped in 1 column. In that way, you can easily collaborate and maintain an overview of all communication and documentation via 1 channel.

collaborate with your team and supplier via 1 communication channel

     Create your own TEAM with internal stakeholders and supplier

     Communicate quickly and easily via 1 channel

     Deal efficiently with purchasing issues

     Communication and documentation are always saved

     Independent of personal mailboxes

     Automatic processing of emails

     Stop chasing emails