All your supplier information available with Vendor Management

Most supplier information is managed in bookkeeping systems and often has only limited accessibility for the retrieval of information relating to (for example) expenses, contact persons, and number of suppliers per region. With VendorLink Vendor Management, all your supplier information can be retrieved quickly. In that way, you can quickly inspect your supplier file to view expenses and see which contracts exist, what the risk profile is, and how the supplier in question is evaluated. 

Well prepared for consultation with your suppliers

Prior to meeting your supplier, you want to know how the supplier is performing in general terms. However details are also needed to get the image really sharp. In Vendor Management, the most important information is displayed immediately, and then you have the possibility to drill down to the details. In this way, all the relevant information is available to you, so that you can discuss the right topics with your supplier.

Use tasks, complaints and notes to manage your supplier

Of course, actually managing your supplier also calls for performing agreed tasks, having insight into complaints, and making notes about important issues. It is then also possible to link tasks to your colleague and make them visible in your Outlook or Gmail diary. It is simple to register each supplier and keep track of their progress. 

Organise your supplier documentation by category and end date

Organising suppliers’ specific documents, for the purpose of certification, for example, is a simple matter in Vendor Management. You can indicate the category to which each document belongs, and whether it is confidential. Where appropriate, you can also enter an end date. In this way, you avoid having important documents stored in multiple places, and you have your entire supplier dossier in order. 

Configure Google Alerts to receive external information for each supplier

In addition to the information emanating from your own organisation, it is also interesting to know what information about the relevant supplier is available on the internet. You can easily configure Google Alerts for each supplier; you then see topical news reports next to the supplier in Vendor Management.

Start a mailing campaign and communicate directly with your supplier

Informing your suppliers about issues that your organisation is dealing with, such as a change of address, can be a time-consuming business. Especially when you want to include data about the relevant supplier in the text of the email or attached documents. With Mailing Campaigns in VendorLink, you can send bulk emails, together with appendices if appropriate, to your suppliers. By using ‘tokens’ in the email text and in Word documents, you can easily create personalised text passages and documents. You can also ask for a ‘read receipt’. In that way you can see which suppliers have read your email, and which have not. 

Immediate insight into your expenses at global and regional level

Unexpected developments at global or regional level make it necessary for organisations to have insight into which suppliers are active in the relevant region and on what scale, so that they can quickly arrive at the right decisions. Often, this information is not quickly and/or easily available. In Vendor Management, you get immediate insight into your suppliers at global and regional level so that the correct measures can be taken.

Distribute your purchasing tasks and work together intelligently with VendorLink PLANBOARD

Collaboration on contracts and agreements with suppliers calls for coordination: who is responsible for which tasks, and when do these have to be completed? With VendorLink PLANBOARD, you can place your task lists on a plan board in an orderly fashion. Assemble your TEAM, divide the tasks, and follow progress on the Planboard. That’s how you achieve the desired result together.

All your suppliers’ information available

     Exchange information and documentation with your suppliers via a single channel

     Supplier information (documents, certificates, quality) always up to date and available

     Vendor Managed Content: Supplier’s documentation managed by the supplier

     Clear overview of the progress and processing of RFQs

     Workflow for internal approval