VendorLink Connected Plan

The purpose of the VendorLink Connected Plan is to involve your colleagues in the implementation of your purchasing improvement plans. You achieve this by sharing contract information. Keep stakeholders informed of progress, and share purchasing dashboards. Improve the quality of contracts by having them evaluated and approved via an internal workflow. Manage the contract by assigning tasks and notes to your stakeholders. Get daily insights into your expenses and automate the importing of your spend directly from your financial package or data warehouse. In short, connect with your colleagues, involve them in the implementation of your purchasing policy, and make the organisation aware of your purchasing objectives.

Automate your spend import

For spend management, we offer the facility to retrieve purchase invoice data directly from your financial package or data warehouse solution via smart API interfaces. In this way, data is automatically added and updated. Share your spend reports and purchasing dashboards with colleagues to actively involve them.

Involve your colleagues in contracts

Contracts often have multiple stakeholders with varying interests, based on legal affairs, finances and/or purchasing. By setting up smart workflows in Contract Management, you can have contracts authorised prior to signing. Give colleagues viewing rights so that they can inspect the contracts and appendices. Also, configure various contract tasks for your stakeholders, and involve them in the finalised contractual agreements, as the VendorLink contract tasks can also be stored in the Outlook or Gmail diaries.

Set KPIs and execute Vendor Ratings

Get an overall view of your suppliers’ performance by carrying out extensive Vendor Ratings. Include your most important stakeholders as respondents to complete surveys and KPIs. This will give you a complete and realistic picture of your supplier’s performance, based on facts. In this way, you are well prepared for the next meeting with your supplier. 


If you also want to involve your suppliers in your purchasing improvement plans, take a look at the ‘add-on’ possibilities for the Connected Plan.