VendorLink Essential Plan

organise your purchasing contracts and supplier file for yourself 

The VendorLink Essential Plan provides you with the essential functionalities of VendorLink. With this, you get a personal insight into your purchasing expenses, supplier file, and purchasing contracts. You can then rank your suppliers in line with an ABC analysis and add your purchasing contracts. Link the suppliers and contract documents, and put your purchasing dossiers in order. Add memos and email notifications, and never miss a renewal again. With VendorLink Essential, you are in control of your organisation. 

Upload your spend and view all our overviews and dashboards

Create an overview of your purchasing expenses and gain an insight into possibilities for savings. Upload your own Excel Spend sheet and, in VendorLink Spend Management, get an immediate insight into your expenses and possibilities for saving. Inspect your trends in clear charts and on your purchasing dashboards. Then navigate to the suppliers and see the details that can be improved.

Make your own supplier evaluation

See which suppliers are important and add these to VendorLink Vendor Management.  Register your internal contact persons, and those of your supplier. Make notes and link important documents. In that way, you compile your own, complete supplier file. Note KPIs and agreements that have been made to stay in control. Make your own supplier evaluation and record any complaints, so that you can go into a discussion with your supplier with concrete facts to hand.

Register your contracts

Add the purchasing contracts you have entered into to VendorLink Contract Management, so that you can maintain a sharp focus on your contracts and their durations. You can also link your scanned contracts as appendices, and put your contract dossier in order. Under the contract tasks, you record the agreements you have made so that you will promptly receive an email in order to track the agreements. The contract notifications ensure that you will never miss another contract renewal. 


If you also want to involve your colleagues, or automatically receive your spend data from your financial package on a daily basis, check out the ‘add-on’ possibilities for the Essential Plan.