VendorLink Linked Plan

Link your suppliers via the Supplier Portal and get started on E-Signing 

The VendorLink Linked Plan allows you to collaborate with your supplier via the Supplier Portal in a secure environment. Fir this purpose, we offer handy functionalities which make collaboration clear and simple. Your colleagues and your supplier’s contact persons will immediately notice the benefits. Exchanging documents, efficient processing of quotation requests, and signing contracts via E-Signing: these are all nice examples of these benefits. It means that less time is lost on all kinds of administrative actions, leaving more time to focus together on the agreed service provision. 

Working together with VendorLink TEAM

Start your collaboration and create a VendorLink TEAM. With VendorLink TEAM, you create a communication group with your colleagues and your supplier. You can put questions to your team members regarding a supplier or contract. All communication and documentation is filed under the contract or supplier. 

Retrieve quotations with ease

Automate your quotation request procedure with VendorLink Sourcing. Draw up your quotation request with ease, make use of a questionnaire, and add your products. Select your supplier and invite it to respond to the quotation request via the Supplier Portal. In the Supplier Portal, the supplier has a clear view of the planning schedule, and can complete the quotation request online and - if necessary - ask questions. After receiving all the tenders, you can make a good comparison, which enables you to select the best offer and proceed to make a contract.

Manage your purchasing contracts and use E-Signing

Start your Contract Lifecycle Management process and use the predefined contract template when creating a contract. Then follow the desired contract procedure, including internal authorisation, via a smart workflow. After the contract has been internally approved, the contract proposal is presented to the supplier in the Supplier Portal. To do this, you can use the smart VendorLink E-Signing functionality, with which both the internal principal and the supplier can digitally sign in the VendorLink Supplier Portal.

VendorLink E-Signing minimises the time taken to sign a contract. It enables you to continuously track progress, and the signed contract documents are archived immediately with the contract and the supplier.

Retrieve documents via Supplier Portal

Retrieving contract or supplier’s documents (for example, for purposes of certification and SLA reports) is simple via VendorLink Audit functionality. Your supplier immediately sees your request in the VendorLink Supplier Portal, and can easily upload the requested documents. You subsequently receive a notification that documents have been provided. These are then internally audited via a workflow and, after auditing, linked to the contract or supplier.