Organise communication with your suppliers in the VendorLink Supplier Portal

Communication with a supplier is often conducted via many channels, such as email, post and telephone. As a result, there is often a failure to properly record agreements that have been made and/or to make them available to colleagues in the organisation. This can have a negative effect on both internal and external service provision. With the VendorLink Supplier Portal you can quickly and easily organise all communication with your supplier in 1 place.

Periodic retrieval of contract documents, such as certificates and SLA reports

Retrieving documents from your supplier is often done by email; each time, it takes a lot of time and progress is difficult to monitor. Retrieving documents is quick and easy via the VendorLink Audit functionality. Your supplier immediately sees your request in the VendorLink Supplier Portal, and can easily upload the requested documents. You subsequently receive a notification that documents have been provided. These can be internally audited via a workflow and, after auditing, linked to the contract or supplier. 

Always up-to-date supplier information in your supplier file

Your supplier can make his own contact person changes in the VendorLink Supplier Portal; this also applies to address and bank details. In addition, you can ask the supplier to periodically check that such information is up to date. When the supplier has made a change, you are notified of this. After an internal check, the information is updated in Vendor Management.

Manage the RFQ process via the Supplier Portal

Assemble your RFQ with ease, including product prices, questionnaires and associated documents. Select your supplier, and present the RFQ via the Supplier Portal. Your supplier will receive a notification, with the request to respond to your RFQ. It also includes the facility to ask questions. After the quotation period has closed, you compare the quotations and select the best offer. 

Eliminate physical printing and signing of contracts with VendorLink E-Signing

After the contract has been internally approved, the contract proposal is presented for signing in the Supplier Portal. To do this, you can use the smart VendorLink E-Signing functionality. Both the internal responsible person and the supplier can sign the contract documents digitally. In that way, you eliminate the printing, scanning and re-mailing of documents.

Share your supplier evaluation with your supplier and discuss the improvements

The results of your supplier evaluation from Vendor Rating can be shared directly with your supplier in the Supplier Portal. It is also possible to involve your supplier in the evaluation to create an honest and transparent picture of the collaborative relationship. This transparency in itself provides a firm foundation for improvements in the service provision for both parties to implement. 

Deal with complaints with your supplier via the 8D method

For the sake of quality, many organisations find it necessary to resolve supplier-related complaints via the 8D method. With the aid of VendorLink Supplier Portal, your supplier becomes directly involved in this process, and a fast, efficient solution is found.

Create the link with your supplier and improve the relationship for both of you!

     Exchange information and documentation with your suppliers via a single channel

     Supplier information (documents, certificates, quality) always up to date and available

     Vendor Managed Content: Supplier’s documentation managed by the supplier

     Clear overview of the progress and processing of RFQs

     Workflow for internal approval